Running analysis
Until recently, sport scientists and experts who wanted to study runners were limited to either subjective observations or laboratory conditions. Gait Up inertial sensors and algorithms are the new paradigm for sports scientists and experts to evaluate running technique in real conditions for personalized training, footwear selection, injury prevention and more. Take your assessments into the real world – leave the treadmill, cameras, force plates in the lab. PhysiRun Live and PhysiRun Lab are the perfect blend of usability and validated accuracy.
In-store shoe selection

 In-shop shoe fitting based on running technique

Valorize in-shop vendor advice and service

Longitudinal monitoring and user profiling

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Sport Science

Coaching follow-up to measure progress

Convenient tool for scientific research and sports medicine

Teach classes in biomechanics and running science

PhysiRun Live

Validated analysis of running technique for in-store shoe selection.

PhysiRun Lab

Fast and precise stride-by-stride analysis of the running technique

Key publications

Assessment of running economy and foot mechanics during the VO2 max test and on the field
Integration of Wearable Sensors into the Evaluation of Running Economy and Foot Mechanics in Elite Runners, Muniz-Pardos et al, 2018

Validation of PhysiRun temporal events vs force plate
Accurate Estimation of Running Temporal Parameters Using Foot-worn Inertial Sensors, Falbriard et al, 2018

Trail Running