Ski Touring Analysis

“Pomocup”, the first smart device conceived by and for ski tourers.

Pomocup uses movement sensors and algorithms to analyze and understand all your ski touring moves.

  • First smart device conceived by and for ski tourers

    Swiss made, Pomocup is the first partner product from Gait Up, born from a partnership with POMOCA, leader in ski touring skins.

  • Movement sensor tailored for ski touring

    Gait Up’s advanced algorithms crunch data from Pomocup’s 3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope, thermometer and barometer.

  • Easy and practical for real-time feedback in the mountains

    Pomocup attaches to your ski with a secure magnet and clip, then sends your touring data directly to your smartphone while you ski.

  • Analyze all your ski touring moves

    After your tour, analyze your performance in more detail with the Skilog web interface.

  • “For me, the Pomocup device, powered by Gait Up, is the perfect device to measure the technique.”

    Kilian Jornet, Ski touring & ultra trail running world champion

  • Real-time feedback of your ski tour performance in the mountains
  • Analyze and understand all your ski touring moves
  • Training follow-up to track progress of your technique
  • Track and share with your friends

Pomocup contains several sensors: 3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope, thermometer and barometer which collect a combined whopping 1200 data points per second.


Skilog mobile and web application runs the custom Gait Up algorithm to provide you with data about your tour and technique.

  • Skilog smartphone app (Android, iOS)
  • Skilog web interface (USB upload, app sync)
  • Skilog smartwatch app (coming soon)



  • Magnet and clip attachment system

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