Shoulder Testing

Shoulder function test thanks to “Hands Up” smartphone App

Hands Up mobile application provides validated shoulder angles and kinematic scores (B-B), by simply using smartphone sensors.

  • Free application download

    HandsUp application by Gait Up SA is available on Android App Store. 100 free analysis are included, 10CHF fee for unlimited usage.

  • User-friendly

    HandsUp measures range of motion and kinematic scores from simple arm movements. Designed by and for physiotherapists, health care professionals use it to perform rapid and objective functional shoulder tests.

  • Automatic alignment and calibration

    Our algorithm auto-calibrates every test. Securely fasten your smartphone to the bicep with a jogging armband, and that’s it.

  • Scientifically validated accuracy

    HandsUp (formerly iShould) is the result of collaborations between Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), CHUV and HESAV. HandsUp and B-B is extensively validated against gold standard clinical scores in many publications.

  • Rapid functional shoulder test compares left and right sides
  • Objectively measure shoulder function for pre/post surgery evaluation
  • Easily evaluate pre/post rehabilitation therapy in routine
  • Provide feedback to the patient

Smartphone (Android) with accelerometer and gyroscope to be worn on the upper arm

Mobile Application “Hands Up” (Android) by Gait Up SA is available on Android App Store. 100 free analysis are included, 10CHF fee for unlimited usage. It provides a scientifically validated kinematic score (B-B score) and the maximum elevation angle of the injured side

Accessories: Armband (eg. jogging armband) to hold smartphone in place on the upper arm (not included with app download or purchase).

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Find the complete list of publications on our Science Page.