Beyond the technology, discover the people who works at Gait Up. We speak 9 languages and gather multi-disciplinary knowledge with a core focus on motion sensing algorithm/wearables. Our complementary skills include embedded system programming, clinical study management, biomechanic signal processing, & machine learning.

ABenoit Mariani

Eng. PhD

BFarzin Dadashi

Eng. PhD

DMadeline Trousseau

VP Sales
Biomed Eng

DRebekka Anker

Product Director
Biomed Eng

CArash Salarian

Advisory Board

ADr. Med. Christopher Newman

Advisory Board

BProf. Kamiar Aminian

Advisory Board

1Cléo Moulin

Clinical Sales Manager
Micro Eng

Tiffany Corbet

Medical Affairs Manager

2Manuel Reynaert

Sport Sales Manager

Albin Pinard

Marketing Manager

8Jules Gellaerts

Support Manager

Jeremy Bouillault

Sales Engineer
Biomed Eng

3Stephane Lovejoy

Embedded Firmware & Hardware Manager

9Marco Falsitta

Full Stack Software Developer

XMathieu Falbriard

Algorithm Researcher

7Sakura Nussbaum

Algorithm Engineer
Biomed Eng

ZArash Atrsaei

Algorithm Researcher

8Anil Kodiyan

Algorithm Engineer
Micro Eng

Aurélie Balsa

Embedded Firmware Developer
Micro Eng

Stanislas Heili

Mobile Developer
Computer Science Eng

Software Developer
Computer Science Eng

Camilla Kyster

Accountant & HR Manager

6Angélique Mendes

Executive Assistant